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Greenway Bike Ride


25 minutes


Greenway @ Kilfenora

What to wear

Please consider the weather forecast and wear clothing suitable for cycling

What is provided

Helmets, hi-vis vest and a selection of modern bicylces, e-bikes and mobility bicycles

Your guides

Bicycle Sizes

Medium frame - Rider height up to 180cm
Large frame - Rider height 180cm - 190cm
XL Frame - Rider height 190cm - 200cm

You will awaken your senses with a short cycle to take you along the new greenway into the heart of the village. The repurposed railway line offers a fantastic new way to be active in Fenit. Sticking with Fenit’s commitment to inclusion, our inclusive mobility start-up Co-Motion, and their Steed Inclusive Mobility Hub, will provide a selection of bicycles, mobility bikes and e-bikes to meet your needs. If you would prefer not to cycle, just let us know on the booking form.

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