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Lighthouse Boat Tour

Visit an isolated North Kerry landmark aboard the Kerry Colleen. Fenit Lighthouse, situated on Little Samphire Island, is an iconic maritime feature of Fenit accessible only by water. Your guides Mary & Alan Browne, both of whose families have fished and worked in Tralee Bay for generations, will enhance your experience through stories, tales and facts around the maritime heritage, biodiversity and legends of Fenit, Tralee Bay and of course Fenit Lighthouse. 


Max Capacity 12 Persons.  

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Local expert knowledge

As well as operating one of Tralee's most highly recommended marine tour experiences, Mary & Alan remain heavily involved in the Fenit coastal and fishing community. Their knowledge of Tralee Bay, the history and heritage as well as marine life & biodiversity are exceptional.


Fenit Lighthouse

Since 1854 Little Samphire Island Lighthouse has served as a navigation light for Tralee Bay. Light keepers manned the station for more than a hundred years from 1854 to 1956. While automated in 1954 a keeper remained in residence until 1956. A visit to Little Samphire Island is the ultimate Fenit experience.


The Kerry Colleen

A wonderful vessel with comfort for up to 12 guests. A leisurly pace around Tralee Bay means you can relax, take in the scenery from every angle, speak with the crew and maybe even get close up to the pod of 3 Fenit bottle nose dolphins. 

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