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Coastal Conservation Trail

If you prefer to stay dry, this land based activity will take you on a gentle walk along the coastal pathway of Fenit where you will learn about the various landmarks, historical sites, wildlife and environment. Lead by a member of the Fenit Coast Conservation you will also learn about the challenges that coastal communities are facing, and tackling, through climate change as well as making a hands on contribution to sand dune restoration. 

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Your guides

Our coastal trail guides are residents of Fenit who take an active role in the conservation of our coastline. You will learn first hand about how the Fenit shoreline has changed throughout history, the importance of various landmarks and the ongoing challenges of protecting an Atlantic environment.  

A coastal conversation

Climate change is taking aim at the most vulnerable species and systems of the Fenit coastline. Our guides are actively (an voluntarily) involved in working in harmony with nature to help reduce the impact. This walk and talk experience will give you an opportunity to learn and chat with those who are working with our our environment every day in the face of significant challenges.  

Leave something behind

As part of your Conservation Trail you will enjoy a hands on experience in the methods and actions that are necessary to provide natural protection to our coastal ecosystem. Rebuilding dunes through marram grass planting has proven to successfully reinforce our coastline. Your participation will help to enhance this conservation project. 

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